Tulevased konverentsid

Impro2024 – International Music Therapy Conference
11.-13.04.2024 Leuven, Belgia

BAMT Conference 2024
17.-19.05.2024 Inglismaa (Curve Theatre, Leicester) ja online
Organiseerija: British Association for Music Therapy

11th Nordic Music Therapy Conference
26.-29.06.2024 Aalborg, Taani
Organiseerija: Aalborg University

MThNZ Conference 2024 “Looking Back Moving Forward”
14-15.09 2024 Wellington, Uus-Meremaa ja online

International Conference of the IAMM 2024 “The Future of Music and Arts in Medicine and Health”
18.-21. september 2024 Berliin ja online
Organiseerija: International Association for Music and Medicine

13th European Music Therapy Conference  ! Bridges !
23.-27.07.2025 Hamburg, Saksamaa
Organiseerija: German Music Therapy Society
Web: musiktherapie.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/2022-06-13-13.-Musiktherapiekongress-2025-in-Hamburg.pdf 

18th World Congress of Music Therapy “Connecting Borders: Creating networks and enhancing identities through music therapy”
8.-12. juuli, 2026 Bologna, Itaalia
Organiseerija: World Federation of Music Therapy

Koostaja: Anne Tullus